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Ticket Status Definition

Definition of the Different Ticket Status: 

- New: The Ticket has been created and not yet reviewed by a BOS Engineer. The BOS service Engineers normally takes maximum 1 business dayto reply the raised ticket. 

- Open: The BOS Service Engineer has received the input from the Customer and a solution/answer from BOS is still expected in max. 1 business day. 

- Customer Input: The BOS Service Engineer has replied the ticket and is expecting confirmation or response from the Customer. 

- Enhancement: The Customer can use Happyfox server as well to suggest improvements of the BOS Systems. These suggestions will be tracked and when feasible, implemented in the medium or long term. BOS might or not reply to this ticket when the improvement is implemented. 

- Closed: The ticket has been either solved by BOS or closed due to inexistent answer from the Customer in a period longer than 2 weeks. 

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  • 07-Mar-2018